About Us

Who We Are

You are welcome to visit our non-denominational Christian online community at any time. We are here to assist your growth in your relationships with God, the World, and yourself through teaching, preaching, and information. As God wills, this online ministry will continue to evolve and grow to help you do the same. We look forward to your correspondence.

Our Philosophy

Faith is more than doctrines and disciplines: it is a comprehensive lifestyle involving every part of the human person–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, sexual, social–in a living and active relationship with God the Creator, Jesus the Savior, and the Holy Spirit that affects our place in the World. We believe that every part of the true Church is a part of the Body of Christ, together providing a more-complete perspective of God than any single denomination or congregation alone can supply. Healing Light Ministries believes that faith must relate to everything in life, founded in the incarnational reality of God with us.

Pastor Marty

Pastor Marty received his Master of Divinity degree in Practical Theology and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theological Studies from Regent University. He has been involved with numerous denominations, including Roman Catholic, Assembly of God, Word-Faith, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Anglican, Episcopal, and Non-Denominational. He strongly affirms the basics of the Nicene Creed, the final authority of God’s Word, and the continuing sanctifying presence of God in operation through the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit in the lives of willing believers.