A Letter to My Readers

As of next month’s newsletter, it will be three years since I first founded Healing Light Ministries. When I first founded the ministry as an online source for theological instruction and encouragement, I was not sure where it would lead. I had thoughts that it could eventually lead to anything from regular responses to questions about various topics to invitations to speak at churches and organizations. However, it was a simple act of faith to see what God might do as well as what the Church as a whole needed.
During these three years, I have written newsletters, discussions, and stories on numerous topics along with some video presentations. Although I have not posted every week, the ministry has required an investment of both time and finances to keep it going. Each newsletter usually takes somewhere between 20-30 hours to write while the discussions or stories have been about half that. Additionally, the cost to officially begin the ministry as well as the website hosting fees has been covered entirely out of pocket.
Considering that no donations or invitations have ever come from the ministry over these three years, I am forced to evaluate whether the continued investment is feasible. The issue is not whether I think the content is worth saying or whether I believe you deserve the effort. Instead, the question is whether or not this is what God wants me to continue to do. If God is saying, “Yes,” then nothing else matters; however, if God is not in this, then no amount of effort will succeed.
I plan on spending the next three weeks praying for God to reveal whether this is something He wants me to continue doing. I am asking all of you to also pray with me on this so I can know whether the December newsletter will be a further step in the ministry or a final submission to close out this endeavor. (Even if this next newsletter is the last one, I plan on keeping all the material available on the website). I am willing to do whatever God desires in this endeavor, so I thank you for your intercession during these three weeks.
Blessings to you all!