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A Consequential ElectionNovember 2016.pdf

A New Kind of ChurchMarch 2019.pdf

Aliens, Wizards, and . . . Frogs?March 2015.pdf

Are We Making Music or Noise? – June 2015.pdf

Aye, Matey . . . “X” Marks the SpotMay 2015.pdf

Becoming Exceptionally StupidMarch 2017.pdf

Beggars Can’t be ChoosersApril 2016.pdf

Being God ForsakenDecember 2018.pdf

Beyond Being BentOctober 2018.pdf

The Dangers of DialogueApril 2015.pdf

Desperately Believing GodAugust 2018.pdf

Dethroning the Elder GodsAugust 2015.pdf

Distorting DiscussionsJune 2018.pdf

Ethical InconsistenciesJuly 2016.pdf

The Gospel of IsaiahOctober 2016.pdf

Gratitude, Appreciation, and ThanksMay 2016.pdf

The Great Cosmic SwitchMarch 2016.pdf

How to Become a Phenomenal FailureMay 2017.pdf

Identifying DestructionJune 2016.pdf

Imaginary GraceJuly 2018.pdf

In the Beginning . . .September 2018.pdf

The Indecisive GodJuly 2017.pdf

The Joys of PersecutionSeptember 2015.pdf

Masculine and Feminine in God — Part 1November 2015.pdf

Masculine and Feminine in God — Part 2December 2015.pdf

Mirror, Mirror . . . on the Wall . . .February 2015.pdf

The Nature of EvilFebruary 2017.pdf

The Nature of God – December 2016.pdf

The Nature of Man – January 2017.pdf

A Non-Feminist Apology for Women in Ministry – February 2016.pdf

Political ForgivenessJanuary 2019

The Practice of the Presence of GodJanuary 2015.pdf

Preparing the Way for the LordJuly 2015.pdf

Rights, Wrongs, and MisunderstandingsJanuary 2016.pdf

Sexual Identity TheftNovember 2017.pdf

Sexuality and Gender FluidityOctober 2017.pdf

Signs, Symbols, and Standing for TruthDecember 2017.pdf

The Value of a BuildingMay 2019.pdf

There Are No Victimless CrimesApril 2017.pdf

Volatile Rhetoric and the Loss of TruthSeptember 2017.pdf

What if God Doesn’t Heal?August 2016.pdf

What Then Should We Preach?June 2019.pdf

What’s so Good about the Good News?September 2016.pdf

When Being Right is Very, Very WrongJune 2017.pdf

When Faith Should Not Be BlindAugust 2017.pdf

When Hope DisappointsNovember 2018.pdf

When Prayers Go MissingJuly 2019.pdf

When Trust is A SinFebruary 2019.pdf

When We Begin Hearing VoicesOctober 2015.pdf

When We Glimpse the End of ThingsApril 2019.pdf

Why Faith Doesn’t WorkAugust 2019.pdf

Why Not Christ Alone?April 2018.pdf

Why Not Faith Alone?February 2018.pdf

Why Not Glory to God Alone?May 2018.pdf

Why Not Grace Alone?March 2018.pdf

Why Not Scripture Alone?January 2018.pdf