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The most important support you can give us is Prayer. This ministry is only useful to the extent that it is doing what God wants done when He wants it done and the way He wants it done. However, we recognize that spiritual warfare is a very real issue in this period of the Now-And-The-Not_Yet of the Kingdom. Your prayer support will help us to complete that mission.


We look forward to hearing from you if you have benefited from our ministry in any area of your life. If we have helped you, or if you are aware of material that would help us help others, we appreciate your taking the time to let us know.


Of course, financial support assists any church, ministry, or organization to expand and accomplish more. Donations to this ministry will enable us to devote more time to writing and eventually partnering with other ministries in reaching the entire creation with the gospel. We are registered as a non-profit organization with the VA SCC and a tax-deductible public charity under code 501(c)3 with the Internal Revenue Service.


There are now multiple ways you can support Healing Light Ministries!

1) Donate by clicking the attached button to donate through PayPal.

2) Mail a check directly to the ministry at the following address:

Healing Light Ministries
988 Level Green Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

3) Ship any old gold or jewelry to the above address. Healing Light Ministries has a contract with Elemetal, a local refinery. Unlike jewelry stores and pawn shops, which only provide about 60% of the actual scrap value for jewelry, Elemetal will provide the full 100% value of scrap metals. This means you can get a donation receipt for the full scrap value of whatever you send . . . and it can even be larger items if you wish.

4) If you ever shop at, you can sign up for the Amazon Smile program. Using this program, Amazon will make a small donation to Healing Light Ministries for most of your purchases. Simply make sure to shop through and set Healing Light Ministries as your desired charitable organization for donations.

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